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Ayu-Well Radio hour

Ayu-Well radio hour with Dr.Vijay Murthy as your host will explore the concepts of wellness, looking at what health actually means today. Trained as a Doctor in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, as well as many other healing modalities, Dr. Vijay Murthy is able to translate and discuss concepts of health and wellness rather than just focusing on illness. In his practice Dr. Vijay utilises modern and accurate testing programmes wherever required, and weaves these together to create the perfect blend of Eastern and Western wellness.

In a society that speaks disease fluently, Dr. Vijay will discuss health and wellness on Ayu-Well radio hour rather than just focusing on illness.

Today this is unusual because we have become so used to discussing what is wrong, rather than creating wellness or understanding how we can improve health by making changes.

As perhaps the oldest system of health, Ayurveda works to create balance within the bodily systems using among other tools a personalised diet and herbs. Ayu-Well, with your host Dr.Vijay Murthy, will discuss ancient ideas and bring them to life for the world and environment we live in today.

Dr. Vijay Murthy created The Murthy Clinic in London to help clients identify specific health needs. Working in this way he is able to help re-create personal health, analyse genetic predisposition, nutrition, lifestyle, environment and even toxic load. Once the initial investigation has concluded, Dr. Vijay Murthy has an in-depth understanding of each individuals needs, meaning that targeted optimisation of health can be worked towards through a personal approach using the best of Ayurveda and Functional Medicine. of course this type of in-depth investigation is not possible for everyone, which is why Dr.Vijay is hosting Ayu-Well radio hour to bring wellness discussions to a greater audience. Why not join him on UK Health Radio for Ayu-Well to see if you too can improve your health.

Your Host for Ayu-Well

Dr. Vijay Murthy is among his many qualifications, an Ayurvedic Doctor, Functional Medicine practitioner and Naturopath. He holds many degrees including a PhD in public health research and is a popular international speaker and health educator.

Episode Description

"Gut is the first line of defence. Use the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to improve your immunity"

In this episode of Ayu-Well, Dr.Vijay Murthy will recommend daily routines, food choices, mindfulness, common spices, kitchen herbs, practices to improve sleep and exercise recommendations to improve immunity based on the concepts of Ayurveda. The episode will introduce you to the classical Ayurvedic concepts and their application in current times to support immunity by addressing gut health which forms the basis of good immunity.

Dr. Vijay Murthy @ The Murthy Clinic

B.Nat (NZ), M.Surgery (Ayu), B. Ayu Med & Surgery (IN), MPH (NZ), FRSPH

Dr. Vijay Murthy provides complementary health care by integrating 22 years of clinical and research experience. In his London based practice,
The Murthy Clinic he helps individuals attain their best possible health potential, alongside preventing and managing a wide range of chronic illnesses. This unique combination of traditional healing modalities within a scientific and research framework enables clients to experience the most up to date approaches in health available today.

Dr. Vijay Murthy combines the most effective aspects of Ayurveda and Functional medicine, and has a special interest in gut-health, detoxification, chronic diseases and autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Murthy promotes functional lab testing and uses herbs, diet, lifestyle, stress management and nutritional supplements in his practice.

Dr. Murthy can welcome you in person, at The Murthy Clinic, or consult via any virtual platform. Please visit -

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The Murthy Clinic
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57 Wimpole Street
Marylebone, London
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